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Poliform outdoor

In the outdoor collection, Poliform reinterprets the link between human beings, nature and landscape. Inspired by a contemporary lifestyle based on the fluidity of spaces, the collection has the same qualities as the indoor collections: elegance, timeless style and excellent design.

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Poliform Land kitchen

Land, Poliform’s first outdoor kitchen designed in collabora- tion with cap., is composed of a series of modules attached to beams which seem almost suspended in the air. Linear and timeless, this kitchen is available in two versions: wall-hung or free-standing. It is made from aluminium, Inalco MDi®, and steel: materials which are ideal for outdoor use. Land doesn’t need any electricity, and is powered by gas or batteries. It is equipped with a sink, worksurface, and barbecue.

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Antoniolupi iGiganti

Virtually indestructible, our vases are made from natural materials such as gravel, sand and cement type 4.25 and equipped with synthetic fibers extracted from a polymer blend for the reinforcement of concrete. They can make a difference in gardens, entrances, driveways with trees and creepers given the sizes. Their modern and refined design allows you to insert them into any type of space, from classical to a more modern style.

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Outdoor lighting becomes design

The research on finishes, the colors, the details, refer to the field of design to bring charm and humanity back to the project. Technical lighting investigates the emotional and experiential sphere with a series of products with a great aesthetic impact and high quality technological performances.

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Lumen Center

Také Open Air

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