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A Focus On Lighting

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

Our main portfolio has an emphasis on the best Italian design in fitted wardrobes, storage systems, kitchens and furniture. But from Antonio Lupi and De Castelli, there is another product category we would like to put a spotlight on.

Antonio Lupi has a lighting series called Apollo, and De Castelli is widening their metal craftsmanship to now also include light fittings, with the same obsessive feeling for the details that matter. Let us show you more

The Apollo series by Antonio Lupi

The Apollo lighting and shower series is an evolutionary project by designer Brian Sironi, which this year moved out of the bathroom at the Salone del Mobile. From pendant lights to floor lamps and table lamps, a world of colours and a Basaltina stone base makes for a delightful and functional companion for your home. Have a closer look at the Apollo series and download more information on the Antonio Lupi homepage here.

Twist by De Castelli

A two-dimensional metal surface becomes three dimensional thanks to hand-crafted processes: folding, hammering, bending, and soldering generate different light diffusers inspired by the complex shapes of conoids, starting from a single outline. Each volume is assigned to a different type of lamps (suspended, table-top), suggesting the ways in which metal offers various interpretations and possibilities. The finishes and the processes used combine to play with the alternation of brushed and oxidised, reflecting light in unexpected ways from piece to piece. Learn more about Twist here.

Aare by De Castelli

The Aare Gorge in Switzerland is testimony to natural erosion, shaped by the last ice age. Here, a river originating from melting glaciers once carved deep into the rock, cutting to its core. Thus, little by little, light began working its way into the cracks, amid ancient limestone stratifications. The manual erosion technique used on the sheet metal of Aare is its modern echo, recreating the natural look of the rock along its surfaces. Thanks to a centre slit, these wall sconces take on the archetypical form of earthly geography sculpted by ice, reproducing its prehistoric beauty, as if they too were forged centuries ago. Learn more about the Aare series here

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