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Viva Porte and Valli handles

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

A well-designed door is the first piece of furniture for your project


Another bold statement, but true nonetheless, and we now have the two best and most complimentary brands for your residential or hospitality project. Viva Porte you will already know as we have a long-standing relationship with the brand, and handles from Valli now complete this for us.

Valli offer handle solutions for our Viva doors, with complementary window and terrace door handles. They are designed by big name architects in a wide range of metal finishes, from Antonio Citterio to Zaha Hadid, and from chrome to matt bronze.

“Zero” is the prominence of the panel from the wall, making the door a refined architectural element capable of interpreting and fitting into any modern and traditional decor thanks to its broad range of finishes. V0 is Viva's flush-to-wall door solution. Its frame can be finished like the wall, it is suitable for drywall and plasterboard, and installation is quick and easy. Learn more about the flush-fitting V0 from Viva Porte here.

The V3 model comes from Viva Expert Studio research and project experience, a new door model with rebate that is coplanar to the wall and has no need of walled-in subframe or special set-up. The V3 comes with adjustable invisible hinges and Viva magnetic lock without visible screws. Learn more about the V3 from Viva Porte here.

Valli Handles

Valli is our new brand of Italian designer handles that perfectly complements our portfolio from Viva Porte. Here are a few examples of their range

H 381 Khalid Al Najjar is a sophisticated handle that blends contemporary design elements and Middle Eastern nuances. This version is shown above in a polished black nickel finish. Learn more about the soft-shaped H 381 by Khalid Al Najjar here.

An extraordinary, futuristic design concept inspired h 356 Zaha Hadid. The profile with broken lines is a futuristic, twisted, angular sculpture. The recesses and protrusions created offer unexpected ergonomics. It is a radical interpretation of the handle that heralds the future of design.  Learn more about the H 356 by Zaha Hadid here.

The H 379, seen here in the on-trend finish of matte bronze is part of a large series by Antonio Citterio, was conceived by the great Milanese architect, embodying the perfect union of solidity and elegance. Complimenting the H 379 series valli also offer matching window handles and flus-fit solutions for sliding dooes like the VSI from Viva Porte. Learn more about the H 379 by Antonio Citterio here.

Viva Glass Partition Systems

Viva Porte is also known for their expertise in glass door partition systems and sliding doors, customizable in height and width. With ranges like the Bellagio, Cernobbio and Como. From the evolution of the glass, Viva Expert Studio created Como, a dividing system characterized by the lightness and purity of glass that meets, with elegant overlaps, the materiality of aluminum. The shining reflections of Como resume the light effects of Lake Como at sunset, included in an aluminum frame underneath the glass to delineate without appearing, where lightness and elegance are emphasized. The possibility of Como to have a single or double glass widens architectural and interior design solutions, combining the unique and elegant aesthetics with the technique, characterized by a track that can be easily installed to the ceiling, wall or recessed with the possibility of adjustments.

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